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Product Details

Basic Information

Other Name: Garlic Extract, Garlic Extract Powder
Place of Origin: Shaanxi China
Part Used: Bulb
Appearance: White Powder
Extraction Type: Solvent Extraction
Specification: 1%-10% Allicin
CAS NO.: 539-86-6
EINECS NO.: 208-727-7
Molecular Formula: C6H10OS2
Molecular Mass: 162.27


Allicin has a strong smell and spicy taste. It has the function of immune and Anti-fatigue. As a restorative herb, garlic can enjoy a significant role in balancing a stressful life along with a fatigued body. In veterinary field, it can treat respiratory infection and disease of digestive tract of poultry and livestock.


1.Allicin is mainly used in treating eumycete and bacterial infection, gastroenteritis and Cardiovascular Disease;
2.It is made into capsule to lower blood pressure and blood-fat and delay senility;
3.It is used for natural flavour enhancer and widely used in biscuit, bread, meat products, etc.

Shipping & Storage

Delivery: Sea/ Air Sipping & International Express 
Shipping Time: 2-3 working days after payment 
Package: 1-5kg/Aluminum foil bag, size: 22cm (Width)*32cm (Length)
             15-25kg/Drum, size: 38cm (Diameter)*50cm (Height)             
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.                                                                                   
Shelf Life: 24 months



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