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COA of Alpha Arbutin
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Product Details

Basic Infromation of Alpha Arbutin Powder

Product Name: Alpha Arbutin Powder

Purity:99% by HPLC

Appearance: White crystalline powder

CAS NO.: 497-76-7

EINECS NO.: 207-850-3

Molecular Formula: C12H16O7

Molecular Weight: 272.25

Grade: Cosmetic/Medical


Application of Alpha Arbutin Powder

In cosmetics, it can be made into skin cream, medicated cream, senior pearl cream, etc. And it is used not only in beauty, it can diminish inflammation, fight excitant also. Burn medicine ingredients: arbutin is a new type of burn medicine ingredient, characterized by rapid analgesic, anti-inflammatory, strong quickly eliminate the redness and swelling, heal quickly, leaving no scars.
The intestinal antiphlogistic medicine raw materials: sterilization, anti-inflammatory effect is good, non-toxic side effect.

Package & Delivery

Delivery: Sea/ Air Shipping & International Express                                                                                  
Shipping Time: 2-3 working days after payment 
Package:  1-5kg/Aluminum foil bag, size: 22cm (Width)*32cm (Length)
                 15-25kg/Drum, size: 38cm (Diameter)*50cm (Height)
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.                                                                                   
Shelf Life: 24 months

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