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Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide
Fish Collagen from FZBIOTECH
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Product Details

Basic Infromation of Fish Collagen Peptide

Product NameFish Collagen PeptideOther Namefish collagen powder
SourceTilapia ScaleSpecificationMore than 95%
AppearanceWhite or off-white powderGly+Pro+Hyp≧45%
Molecular Weight500DaltonsOEM ServiceCapsule or Pills
CAS NO.9064-67-9EINECS NO.618-608-5
StandardUSP JP or USPCertificationsISO,KOSHER,FDA
GradeFood and CosmeticSolubleWater

Fish Collagen Peptide is the foremost constituent of the extracellular matrix that is abundant fibrous structural protein in all higher entities. It is mostly found in fibrous tissues such as skin, ligament and tendon in the form of elongated fibrils and is also abundant in cornea, blood vessels, bone, cartilage, intervertebral disc and the gut. These are the most abundant protein in mammals constituting over 30% of the total proteins in animal body. All proteins that have a structure based on three helix polypeptide chains belonging to the collagen family, being identified 26 types until now. The unique structure of collagen powder is responsible for its fibrous nature that is very hard to degrade. 

Function  of Fish Collagen Peptide

Fish Collagen Peptide is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. However, the production of this substance diminishes as people grow older. The results of the low production include wrinkles, thinning skin and brittle hair among others. There are a number of fish collagen powder supplements available in the market that can restore it in the body. Many individuals use the supplements to reduce lines or wrinkles.

1.Used in skin whitening antiaging and lightening agents,  due to its potential to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase. Tyrosinase is necessary for the synthesis of melanin, which offers skin its coloring;

2.Used in medicine to antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant attributes; 

3.Our  Fish Collagen powder can be widely used in discoloration prevention agents of vegetables and foods.

Uses of Fish Collagen Peptide

1. Fish Collagen Peptide can be used as healthy foods; it can prevent cardiovascular disease;

2. Fish Collagen Peptide can serve as a calcium food;

3. Fish Collagen Peptide can be used as food additives;

4. Fish Collagen Peptide can be widely used in frozen food, beverages, dairy products, candy, cakes and so on;

5. Fish Collagen Peptide can be used for special populations (Menopausal women);

6. Fish Collagen Peptide can be used as food packaging materials.

COA of Fish Collagen Peptide

COA of Fish collagen