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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus Oil
FZBIOTECH Eucalyptus Oil
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Product Details

Basic Infromation of Eucalyptus Oil
Origin: Spain, China,Australia
Part of plant used: Crushed twigs and leaves of the tree
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Content: ≥80% cineole
CAS NO.:8000-48-4
EINECS NO.:283-406-2

Introduction of Eucalyptus Oil

Though eucalyptus essential oil has most of the properties of a typical volatile oil, it’s not very popular as an aromatherapy oil because little was known about it until recent centuries, rather than the more ancient aromatherapy substances. The numerous health benefits of eucalyptus oil have attracted the attention of the entire world, and it has stimulated a great deal of exploration into its usage in aromatherapy as well as in conventional medicine.

Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil is obtained from fresh leaves of the tall, evergreen eucalyptus tree. The tree, scientifically classified as Eucalyptus Globulus is also known as fever tree, blue gum tree or stringy bark tree, depending on where it is located in the world.

Function of Eucalyptus Oil
1.Enhance blood circulation,relieve cold,improve the symptom of fever,rheumatism,and arthritis, anti-virus,burned wound,relieve muscle soreness,relax sore throat,enhance immunity;
2.Refresh yourself, help concentrate your attention,dispel tireness. Obviously effect in smoothing pain ,anti-inflammatory, and herpes;
3.Help to improve pore blocking,nourish skin,balance oil exudation.

GC of Eucalyptus Oil


Flow chart

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Shipping & Storage

Delivery:Sea/Air Shipping & International Express
Shipping Time: 2-3 working days after payment
Package: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drum
              25kg: plastic barrel (30cm*26cm*42cm), 180kg: tinning iron drum (56cm2*90cm)  
Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat.
Shelf Life: 24 months

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