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Reduced Glutathione Powder

FZBIOTECH Glutathione
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Reduced Glutathione powder is a tripeptide that is combined with glutamate, cysteine and glycine and contains triol. It has antioxidant effect and comprehensive detoxification. Glutathione (especially glutathione in liver cells) can be bioconverted to convert harmful toxic substances into harmless substances and excrete them. Glutathione powder is also helpful to maintain normal immune system.

Reduced Glutathione Powder

Basic Infromation 

Product NameReduced Glutathione PowderOther Name
L-Glutathione; GSH
Specification99%AppearanceWhite fine powder
Molecular FormulaC20H32N6O12S2Molecular Weight612.63
CAS NO.70-18-8EINECS NO.200-725-4
OEM ServiceCapsule or PillsStandard
Structural Formulareduced glutathione


a.Food /Cosmetic grade--daily nourishment & dietary supplement 

1.Anti-aging, Antioxidant, maintain skin youth, health and vitality.

2.Whitening effect; prevents and restrains melanin production

3.Strengthen the immune system:Enhance the function of immune cells, effectively prevent viruses

b.Pharmaceutical grade -drug treatment and prevention of Reduced Glutathione.

1.Protection of the liver: prevention and treatment of liver disease;

2.Detoxification: Glutathione powder is helpful for excreting toxins which is from drugs or other poison;

3.L-Glutathione is used for Preventing and treating eye diseases;

4.Glutathione powder can be used in auxiliary treatment of diabetes.

Third party detection

Eurofins Glutathione Test Report


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