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Benefits Of Myrrh Essential Oil

Jul 27, 2020

myrrh essential oil

1. Skin effect

The special nature of myrrh proves that it has strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory ability,can inhibit skin inflammation, and has a good effect on facial acne and eczema. Hand sanitizer or facial cleanser mixed with myrrh essential oil is very effective for the care of acne-type skin.

2. Physiological effect

Myrrh has the functions of relaxing muscles, activating blood circulation, relieving pain, and promoting muscle growth. It also treats most of the inflammation in the body, such as cavity ulcers and gum problems. Myrrh have similar effects with Frankincense,and are particularly good for respiratory problems such as colds,sore throats,and nasal and throat mucositis,and for women's physical care.

3. Psychological effect

Due to its good sterilization and disinfection effects,myrrh can effectively stimulate nerve cells,thereby enhancing the vitality of the brain and restoring a vibrant mental state. The right amount of myrrh essential oil spray can also invigorate the spirit, dispel the gloomy mood, and make people optimistic.

4. Other effects

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of myrrh essential oil make myrrh essential oil as the main ingredient of most compound essential oil skin care products.Combining myrrh essential oil with lavender essential oil and lotion can effectively improve skin texture, moisturize the skin, fight wrinkles and fight dryness; chamomile essential oil combined with myrrh essential oil can relieve women's local inflammation.

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