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Tomato Powder

Tomato Powder
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Product Details

Basic Information

Other Name:Tomato Fruits Powder,Tomato Juice Powder
Place of Origin:Shaanxi Province,China
Part of Used:Fruits
Appearance:Dark Red Powder, no lumps, no visible impurities
Production Method:SD(Spray Drying)
Specification:50-400 mesh according to customer requests

Product Feature

The Tomato Powder has the function of preventing and suppressing cancer, which is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, with excellent cardiovascular protection and strong hangover effect. On the other hand, it also inhibits mutagenesis, enhances immunity, improves skin allergies. As a matter of fact, it improves various body tissues caused by dry cough, dry eyes, mouth ulcers and other diseases. There are various kinds of specification options to choose from.

Product Description

The Tomato Powder is made from high-quality tomato sauce with low-temperature spray drying, thus to contain the original flavor of tomatoes. As a pure natural product with bright color, pure taste and high lycopene content, it can be used as seasoning powder for snack food, instant soup, cooking, food coloring, etc. Equipped with dark red appearance, we do promise that there is no no lumps or  visible impurities.

Tomato Powder

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